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Field Service

The field service industry is one of the market leaders when it comes to the use of practical Augmented Reality implementation. Having the ability to overlay visual information onto images of physical objects is transforming the field service industry in
several ways.

The use of Augmented reality on mobile devices offers high quality support for technicians as well as provides interactive applications along with digital content applied to the image of physical reality. With CDS Visual's Augmented Reality app, your technicians can use their mobile device in a wide range of physical locations without the worry of internet connectivity or the lack even cell service. The AR app works anywhere, indoors, underground, on top of power turbines and everywhere in between, offering field service technicians access to this technology anywhere, anytime.

Often times, technicians are dispatched carrying numerous tools and spare parts, as well as their mobile device. Without adding additional tools or equipment, technicians can simply deploy the AR functionality on their mobile phone making it is simple and fast, and requiring no additional tools or equipment.

In addition to the ease of use of AR on your mobile device, the use of virtual tools such as AR not only delivers clear cost savings but reduces travel times, decreases employee downtime, extends expert reach and accelerates the training of new technicians.

  • Increase technician productivity
  • Reduce technician error
  • Improves & shortens notice training
  • Reduces costly downtime
CDS Visual

The implementation of AR in field service is radically changing the dynamics of service operations, enabling organizations to boost productivity while cutting costs. Augmented Reality on mobile devices no only provide field technicians with innovative tools needed to complete the repair but complete service tasks quickly and more efficiently. As AR grows and becomes more common place, it will continue to play a key role in the maintenance and operation of equipment across industries and change how field service teams train new staff.

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