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CDS Visual enables leading CPQ solutions to deliver quotes faster with integrated visualization and dynamic CAD model generation

CDS Visual


CDS Visual is proud to be a leading provider of Augmented Reality Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers.

CDS Visual


CDS Visual enables Industrial Companies to achieve more 'Design Wins' with online CAD and to streamline their aftermarket spare part selection process

Visual Configurator for B2B Industrial Enterprises

CDS Visual provides Visualization and Augmented Reality solutions for both standard and highly configured products. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, CDS Visual enables Manufacturers and Distributors to transform their digital customer experience with engaging and impactful visualization solutions.

CDS Visual

Visual Configuration

Visual Configurators improve the way B2B buyers build and purchase products online

CDS Visual

Augmented Reality

Use Augmented Reality to deliver interactive product experiences

CDS Visual

3D Catalog

3D Catalog for aftermarket, standard, & configured products

CDS Visual

For Manufacturers & Distributors

How are you using digital manufacturing solutions to keep pace and remain competitive? To help you drive your business, CDS Visual offers end-to-end solutions powered by leading industrial AR technology platforms—including a partner framework that enables comprehensive digital transformation. CDS Visual’s digital manufacturing solutions drive focus and strategy to reduce costs, address skills shortages and rising labor costs, as well as reduce maintenance and equipment costs.

For CPQ & eCommerce Providers

While doing business in the visual economy has raised customer standards, it also presents unprecedented opportunity for brands to compete solely on the basis of the experience they provide. Almost every brand can benefit by upgrading and leveraging virtual photography, interactive 3D or Augmented Reality capabilities.

CDS Visual offers AR visualization tools and services, allowing even the smallest of companies to go head-to-head with competitors, leveling the playing field and increasing your bottom line.


Use Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver interactive product experiences to your industrial customers. Set your company apart from the competition with immersive AR product demos, reduced cost of sales and marketing, impressive trade show AR displays, and shorter sales cycles.

AR enables users to learn about, examine, and interact with products on their mobile devices. Through immersive AR experiences, customers can explore different product configurations, material options, and sizes to find the right product for their specific needs.

Internal components can be explored to deliver unrivaled product education. AR lets your customers learn about the features and benefits that differentiate your product from the competition.

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Valued Customers

CDS Visual is proud to be a leading provider of Visual CX solutions for CPQ and eCommerce, accelerating the buying process for standard and highly complex products

Industrial websites are an ideal location for showcasing products and their dimensions to technical customers. CDS Visual designs virtual products models for the use of industrial products to be showcased on a company’s site. Many industrial buyers are turning to an online platforms for their purchasing needs and providing those site visitors with an easy to view and navigate product catalog, assists the buying process and ultimately generates additional leads. No matter the complexity of your parts and products, CDS Visual is the industry leader in 3D Product Visualization.

CDS Visual

Complement eCommerce with 3D Product Visualization

CDS Visual' team of expert designer and software engineers have the industry knowledge and experience to make the highest quality virtual product catalog for a variety of part and products. From gear shift valve illustrations to custom engineered parts, CDS Visual can provide a state of the art 3D CAD catalog for your entire product line. Adding a 3D product catalog to your site can enhance traffic by:

  • Creating an easy to use navigation
  • Providing customers with virtual representations of offered products
  • Provide search engines with pictures and demonstrations of your products for potential visitors

Complement CPQ with 3D Product Visualization

The industrial buying process has changed and evolved to include a large percentage of purchasing steps to be taken online rather than in person. Selling you product online versus in person creates convenience for the buyer but also does not give the buyer the opportunity to inspect the dimensions of the product. By making use of a 3D CAD product catalog on your website, you can improve the amount of leads and inquiries for your products and parts. Learn more about our Industrial & B2B Catalog Models.

Customer Expectations Are Changing, and the Data Proves It

Product Images


3D Interactive Viewer


CAD Models & Augmented Reality


By providing best-in-class, tightly integrated 3D and 2D visualization tools for CPQ and digital commerce, CDS Visual enables industrial manufacturers and distributors to empower their sales teams and customers to make better-informed product decisions and designs for both their standard and configured products.

  • Powerful online 3D and 2D design functionality and ease of use
  • Easy-to-deploy solutions via web services
  • 3D drives innovation, reduces the sales cycle, and improves quality
  • Integrated Augmented Reality drives engagement and product knowledge

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