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Trade Shows

An Augmented Reality experience will attract attention at a trade show, get more people to your booth, and once they are there, it will engage them in a way that separates your brand from the other offerings at the event. Not only will Augmented Reality increase your trade show will ROI and get people talking and create a buzz around what your company is doing, but will give them an experience that is different from the competition, resulting in more leads and sales.

Instead of having static 2D images in a catalog, on a pamphlet or flyer, or in place of shipping a 300lb model to the exhibit floor, bring with you a visual customer experience. CDS Visual's Augmented Reality technology offers a 3D model of your product you can bring to the trade show room floor with the use of CDS Visual's Augmented Reality technology.

Using a smartphone or tablet, people can see the product in the real-world space. It can be viewed from different perspectives, different features can be highlighted, and you can even make simulations that demonstrate the product's various capabilities.

Simply open the app, select the model and tap the screen to place the model down on any surface - carpet, tile, tabletop. Walk around the model, look inside or even through, as if it's right there in front of you. Features such as zoom allow you to get a close up look, a simple explode button will open the model apart to see inner sub assemblies and parts. Hot spot technology offers annotations or additional detail, as well as cut away views allowing the innerworkings of the model to shine through each layer of the assembly. Not to mention photo realistic surfaces show materials, light source angles, reflections and colors that are so real, you'll think the model is right there in front of you.

CDS Visual

Through the use of screen casting, simultaneously share your mobile device to a connected tv, projecting the model to share with customers or clients, attracting more attention to your trade show booth.

Space is limited at a trade show, and this is a great way to get the most from that space. With AR, you no longer have to pick and choose which products are the most important to bring along for demonstrations - you can bring an AR representation of each product with you.

Get started with CDS Visual's Quick Start AR package today and see your 3D model come to life in little as 1 month!