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Sales Teams

Augmented Reality allows your sales teams and customers to share and experience your large-scale trade show product exhibits anywhere, any place and anytime, all through the use of a mobile device. Not only does Augmented Reality allow for complex product demonstrations and interactions without having the product physically in front of you, but also allows for data integrations with RFQ technology as many other features, such as education and field support.

Augmented reality increases customer engagement and the need to be able to not only see but interact with products virtually. Customers expect a buying experience that is sophisticated and relevant to meet their needs. How products are presented can have an immediate impact on customer engagement and lead potential customers further along in the journey to purchasing.

It has been challenging for Sales Organizations to effectively present products to customers, particularly when those products are so complex. The outdated tradition: ship products to customers or ship to trade shows for trial demonstration approach can also be costly and time consuming, and does not allow for experiences to be personalized prior to shipment of the physical asset. Embracing the digital aspects of selling, including the shift of traditional commerce becomes more effective by improving the shopping basket process, the first step to redefining the sales process.

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The next step in redefining the sales process is with Augmented Reality, offering new interactive experiences that combine computer generated perceptual overlays on real-world physical objects or environments with digitally presented information. Now that the technology is becoming dely available on mobile devices, research finds that close to half (46%) of organizations view mobile technology as playing a critical role in improving product information management. AR helps to provide the desired direct experience of products both technically and spatially to your customer, anytime anywhere with the ease of a simple mobile device.

Additionally, research has found the three most important interactivity capabilities with respect to product information are:

  • 65% - Getting more detailed product information
  • 55% - Reading product information
  • 52% - Accessing product information easily on mobile devices

Leveraging Augmented Reality experiences is easier than ever with CDS Visual's quick start augmented reality package. AR can be quickly and easily implemented on mobile devices with results that can improve the ease and cost of delivering virtual experiences that engage customers but also improve the effectiveness of the overall sales process.