RTS Cutting Tools Case Study

“In just the first 4 months we’ve received enough online orders to pay for the cost of the site. The assistance of the site has also helped our salespeople close other offline orders so we are on track to achieve the ROI we hoped for.”
- Sal Garbarino, Sales and Marketing Manager, RTS Cutting Tools


RTS Cutting Tools, Inc. is a market leader in providing special custom cutting tools to all the big names in hydraulics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and manufacturing companies since 1939. RTS manufactures cutting tools from high-speed steel, solid carbide, or carbide tipped using state-of-the-art CNC technology supported by experienced and knowledgeable machinists. RTS also reconditions tools to help customers extend tool life and lower total cost. RTS is an ISO 9001 registered company, a member of the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), Michigan Manufactures Association (MMA) and the Global Tooling Alliance (GTA) as well as the recipient of several awards for outstanding quality and exceptional service. RTS sells directly and through commodity managers.


“We had an antiquated website that no longer satisfied the needs of the connected world. Most of us now search online for what we need. Industrial designers and engineers do too, especially when searching for the components and parts they need for manufacturing or building new products. Essentially the internet has changed industrial product sourcing – our customers now usually research products online before they even call a potential supplier. Like any business we need to continually stay ahead of the customer and their ever evolving selection and buying process.”


“To solve those problems today we decided that we needed to present our products (at least our non-custom products) on an engaging website with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure our website is found. Once visitors are on our website, it must be ‘engaging’ for them. By that we mean they use the website regularly because it is really easy, fast and intuitive to find what they need whenever they need it. Doing this right was a big investment for us and we reviewed a dozen vendors of online product catalog websites, most with experience and focus on B2B industrial manufacturers. We selected the two best vendors - TopSpot (a full service search marketing agency) to build the website and CDS to supply and build the Catalog as a Service™ within the website. Our choice was primarily based on the history of these companies producing both analytics and the excellent CDS Catalog as a Service™. We really like the ecommerce solution – particularly the faceted search as well as its ease of integration. In the future we can optionally add the CDS CAD Model Download and Configurator solutions. We anticipate ROI within a year.”


“Engaging TopSpot and CDS to build our new website together worked out perfectly. In just the first 4 months we’ve received enough online orders to pay for the cost of the site and the assistance of the site has helped our salespeople close other offline orders so we are on track to achieve the ROI we hoped for. All our numbers such as conversions and our quote capture rate are much higher due to the website. We are experiencing a greater opportunity to quote and the number of quotations we will generate this year will far exceed our past opportunities.

Customers say it’s easy to find what they need and we’re delighted with the site that TopSpot built, the Catalog that CDS built and the ease of use of the parametric product search for our customers. We have to thank our account manager, Tom Halpin, for introducing us to such a great solution that both TopSpot and CDS provide. His support and assistance helped us to accomplish this project.

I highly recommend CDS - everybody I’ve worked with at the company has always been helpful and delivered to our needs.”