Quality Transmission Components (QTC)

“3DModelSpace is like Google for CAD, the model data is all on our website so there’s only one place to maintain it all up-to-date and The results are fantastic, 3DModelSpace is by far our top referring site with nearly 30% of total click-throughs to qtcgears.com”
- Brian Dengel, General Manager, QTC


Quality Transmission Components, an industrial supplier of power transmission components designed for use in industrial automation applications, recognized that the buying process had changed because of technology. In response they implemented the latest ‘Cloud-based’ (SaaS) CAD technology and complimented it with targeted internet marketing to adapt their marketing process.

Quality Transmission Components, (QTC) is a Garden City Park, New York, based operating division of Designatronics Inc., a company that began in 1960 as a manufacturer of small mechanical products. QTC is the leading supplier of metric power transmission components designed for use in industrial automation applications. Their product range includes the largest selection of off-the-shelf metric gears in the USA in addition to a large selection of timing belts, timing belt pulleys, tensioning devices, roller chains, sprockets and gearheads. Quality Transmission Components markets power transmission components such as gears, pulleys, belts, sprockets, gearheads and other related items for use in MRO & OEM industrial automation applications across all industries.


The industrial buying process has changed – many customers now research and select products online, often before even talking to a supplier. Our marketing process needed to adapt to this new reality.

We frequently got requests from customers for CAD models of our products – meeting these requests took up time of our CAD staff that distracted from their own design work.


We changed our marketing to conform to the new buying process and our customer’s use of CAD. With customers doing the product research and selection before a sales person even contacts them we adapted by:

  • Making our website a key marketing tool not only to enable customers to quickly find the “right” product during their research but, equally importantly, to help customers ‘designin’ our products by offering CAD downloads that simplify the process and save designers time.
  • We added 2D and 3D CAD drawings/models to our website using the CDS ModelServer SaaS solution so customers could help themselves and save time in meeting their product design deadlines.
  • We advertise our products on 3DModelSpace to a highly targeted audience of Engineers and CAD Designers. Our 3DModelSpace advertising has proven to drive high quality traffic to our website where users can download our CAD models into their new design.


CAD Download Activity - In just the first 5 months of 2012 we had over 12,000 CAD downloads.

Successfully Driving Traffic to Our Website - 3DModelSpace is our #1 referring website and is delivering a positive ROI on our marketing spend.