Catalog Data Solutions and i-MARK Announce Partnership to Integrate CDS CAD Download Solution into i-MARK's 24/7 BUSINESS Web Self-Service Software Platform

Altra Industrial Motion adopts CDS CAD Download Solution via i-MARK

San Jose, CA, March, 25, 2008. CDS Visual Inc. (CDS) and i-Mark Inc. announced a partnership to integrate the CDS CAD view-and-download solution into i-MARK’s 24/7BUSINESS web self-service software platform serving global Small-to-Medium Manufacturers (SMM).

“24/7 BUSINESS, our SaaS-based packaged software, plugs into SMM websites to offer web self-service and guided navigation to their prospects, customers, sales reps and channel partners,” said i-MARK CEO, Del Merenda”. He added, “Once 24/7 BUSINESS guides buyers to the exact products they need, they often request the associated CAD file. We chose CDS as our CAD view/download partner because they offer a high quality service, affordable pricing and have an excellent reputation for proven customer satisfaction. Our first customer to transition to this new joint solution is our long-time key customer, Altra Industrial Motion, based in Quincy, MA.”

i-MARK pointed to their web analytics as another reason to partner with CDS. Fifty-one percent of all visits to the over 40 websites that i-MARK hosts come from search engines and eMarketplaces, of which, 91% come from the top-three search engines. Merenda remarked, “With such an incredible demonstration of search engine power to drive new business, it is incumbent upon our customers to identify and qualify these visitors. Offering CAD downloads saves designers significant time and justifies asking for user registrations, which then become new leads for automatic delivery to their sales reps and/or CRM systems”.

“Customer downloads of CAD drawings have been very successful business drivers for us,” said David Brooksbank, Altra’s Director of Marketing. “We currently enjoy a strong market leadership position in the power transmission industry and i-MARK has helped us achieve and sustain that position. Now, I look forward to the i-MARK – CDS partnership providing Altra Motion the most cost-effective and easy to use end-to-end customer self-service capability available anywhere in our industry.”

"CDS is delighted to partner with i-MARK. Together we are enabling engineers to better search online for manufactured part content," said John Major, CEO, CDS Visual. "The result is that designers can focus on designing and innovating new products instead of spending time and effort modeling parts they don't manufacture."

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