Magnet-Schultz of America

“CDS staff include Engineers, CAD Designers, and Web Software Experts that understood our needs right away and met them effectively and efficiently. They are also extremely responsive and their solution incredibly flexible – often when we ask CDS for something it’s usually done and live by Monday, whereas we’d been asking our prior vendor to do it for a year”
-David Stockwell, President,Magnet-Schultz of America


Magnet-Schultz of America, an industrial supplier of electromagnetic actuators and sensor products, recognized that the buying process had changed because of technology. In response they used the latest ‘Cloud-based’ (SaaS) technology to not only adapt their selling process but also to make their sales more efficient and effective.

Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA), based in Westmont, IL, is part of the MSM group (Magnet-Schultz Memmingen) an international group, employing 1900 staff in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Italy.

Magnet-Schultz of America is a leader in hightech electro magnetic actuators and sensors for top quality requirements of various capital goods industries. Their Electro Magnetic Products include Solenoids, Magnetic Latching Products, Electromagnets, Voice Coils, etc. and their Electro Hydraulic Products include Solenoid Actuators, Bi-Directional and technically, economically and ecologically innovative productsand services provide safety to customers and employees


The Magnet-Schultz of America Marketing Team realized that the buying process for industrial products has changed – nowadays, potential customers often research and select products online, before ever talking to a supplier. For this reason, Magnet-Schultz America needed to adapt their marketing and sales to this new reality for selling industrial products.

In order to save engineers and designers time during the design rocess, the Magnet-Schultz of America website offered downloadable CAD models of their products. This enabled customers to save time by incorporating these 2D or 3D CAD models directly into their new designs rather than having to draw the item themselves. However their CAD proven unable to customizing it to fit the needs. A different CAD download solution was needed.

They also wanted their website “to become the American designers choice for everything to do with Solenoids”. To achieve that they needed to:

  • Upgrade the MSA website, particularly the catalog to enable customers to more easily and quickly find the “right” product, for example by incorporating the Magnet-Schultz’s unique stroke/force solenoid selector approach.
  • Upgrade the MSA CAD download solution to ensure potential customers could quickly and easily download and ‘design-in’ Magnet-Schultz products to new designs as they are created.


After evaluating several vendors, Magnet-Schultz of America chose the CDS Catalog and CDS ModelServer SaaS solution for its flexibility, adaptability, configurability and cost. As well as implementing the Catalog and CAD downloads, CDS built a stroke/force solenoid selector tool within their website.


Magnet-Schultz of America’s website now has significantly upgraded product search, selection and CAD download functionality such that the overall customer experience is greatly improved.