J.W. Winco, Inc.

"I’m delighted that in our user survey over 96% of our customers expressed their satisfaction with the system, on average they save more than ¾ hour per model and on average nearly 50% of downloads result in at least one order. We also believe this has increased customer loyalty by building a symbiotic business relationship between us. With regard to CDS, we would definitely give them a ‘thumbs up’ recommendation to future clients interested in their CAD Solutions."
- John Winkler, CEO, Office of the President


J.W. Winco, established in May of 1978, provides a comprehensive selection of quality metal and plastic, metric and inch size standard machine components and assembly hardware. With over 15,000 items in stock, the majority of orders are shipped within 24 hours. They are ISO 9001: 2000 certified. From their in-house manufacturing facility they also offer complete secondary machining of standard machine components and special custom manufactured component parts.


As an industrial product manufacturer or distributor, how do you create business advantage by leveraging the internet? A website is a start but how do you attract website visitors and how do you turn browsers into customers? What do you do?


The manufacturing industry largely designs products with CAD – mostly in 3D. Instead of hiding their CAD models away on engineering department computers some manufacturers are giving them away(or at least giving away an IP protected version of them) to their customers. By providing freely downloadable 3D CAD models they save design engineers time and make it easier to select their products over competitors’ products. In return their parts are ‘locked and loaded’ into designs and enjoy sales in proportion to the sales success of those designs.

3D CAD models help me get my design to market fasterIn addition, they help speed up their customers’ time to market, and they speedup orders for their own products. A genuinely symbiotic business relationship is created, and customer loyalty increases. The CDS CAD download module and supporting CAD services was the superior solution according to John Winkler, CEO, Office of the President, and his team. J.W. Winco Inc. teamed with CDS to solve the problem in a new and unique way as this interview describes.


CDS: Why did you want to acquire an online catalog and CAD download capability?

J. W. WINCO: Studies show that over 90% of designers and engineers now use the Internet to locate components for their new designs. At J.W. Winco we had built a website but we wanted to use the internet more creatively to grow our business.How important do you think 3D CAD models when selecting a supplier? We wanted to turn web site browsers into customers,or better still into loyal and frequent customers that prefer buying from our company. One answer was to build a symbiotic relationship with those customers in which we would not only supply product but would save them time and help them do of our recent CAD download user survey – 96% of those who have downloaded a CAD model think that they are important or extremely important to their selection of a supplier.

CDS: What benefits did you expect and what have actually been achieved?

J. W. WINCO: We’re keeping one step ahead in our marketplace by offering online shopping in our new eStore, as well as 3D CAD.When you download a CAD model, what % of the time does it result in at least one order for that part? We still offer print and PDF catalogs but use of the digital catalog supported by CAD Models is growing fastest. When we would do trade shows, there would be just a few people asking if we had 3D CAD and the question always was, is it justified to spend the money for it? Well, it was often in my opinion that, it is all the people that we don’t hear from, that really made us make the decision to go ahead and implement it. Integrating it into our website while also creating an online storefront was one of our best ideas yet. Typically an engineer will come to our site (something we track closely), view and download a 3D CAD drawing, then a short time later we see either a prototype part order or sometimes, an initial production order, placed online via our eStore.

CDS: Can you quantify the value of the CAD model downloads for J.W. Winco customers?

J. W. WINCO: How do you search for J.W.Winco products?Since implementing the CDS CAD solution in, we are already seeing over 850 downloads/month from our 18,000 CAD model library resulting in over 10,000 sales leads already from CAD models downloaded. Generation of sales contacts is up by 150%. Both CDS and I wanted to find out what those CAD download customers thought – our survey revealed many terrific insights including:

  • 96% rated the usability of the J.W. Winco 3D CAD acceptable or better;
  • On average designers said that nearly half of downloaded 3D CAD models result in at least one order for that part;
  • 3D CAD models save design time for 95% of designers (on average over ¾ hour per model and 9% of their total annual design time);
  • For 94% 3D CAD model downloads help ensure design accuracy and minimize errors;
  • For 82% downloadable 3D CAD models get their designs to market faster;
  • 75% thought that 3D CAD model downloads are important, very or extremely important in their selection of a supplier;
  • If a vendor doesn’t offer 3D CAD downloads – at least 40% of designers will search for an equivalent part from another vendor that does offer CAD downloads.
  • CDS: Were there other unexpected benefits?

J. W. WINCO: The ROI has been tremendous, saving us literally thousands of dollars when calculating the time and effort we save! Just think, no contact is ever made with our inside sales or customer service people, they design, they buy, and it’s all done online! I will also say, in a day and age where everyone is expected to do more, with less, these tools have definitely helped things along. Tasks that were so cumbersome in the past, are now made so simple. Our sales and customer service people now have more time to handle more business, they do not have to contact a supplier or our engineering department for a drawing, or make a customer create a drawing, field simple questions with phone calls, waste countless return telephone calls, etc.J.W.Winco sales lead generation Sales lead generation from CAD models already far exceed that from our traditional marketing (paper catalogs, advertising, trade shows etc.). For the year sales leads from CAD models are already 60% of our total sales leads and these CAD download leads convert to sales at a higher rate and even more importantly they convert faster! And the cost per lead from CAD Downloads is less than 10% of the average cost per lead from traditional marketing. We’re delighted to have already achieved so great an ROI on a very modest outlay.

CDS: Why was CDS chosen?

J. W. WINCO: We researched the available solutions (both internal and external) and found CDS Visual offered the most complete solution. CDS is able to deliver the necessary SaaS (Software as a Solution) internet software technology and CAD model services to make it all work. The real advantage They help industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions. From a technology, cost, speed and satisfaction standpoint, they were the best choice.

CDS: How important was CDS professional services in the decision?

J. W. WINCO: Absolutely critical to building the customer relationship – CDS built high quality models and protected our intellectual property at the same time! From the user survey it’s clear that the vast majority of our customers feel that the J.W. Winco CAD models help them get their designs to market faster. Seldom will anyone hear much feedback when offering 3D CAD models, it’s become the expected norm that everyone should offer today. When customers find out that you do have CAD, they are more likely to just go ahead and utilize the tool for their design needs and never really say a whole lot, unless they have problems with it. I am proud to say, we very rarely hear from anyone that there is a problem with our CDS built and hosted 3D CAD. When we do hear from our customers, they tell us they are very pleased that we have it, that the drawings/models are very complete for their designs and that they are delighted that we offer downloads for all the various CAD programs.

CDS: Why not just build the CAD models yourself and place them on your website?

J. W. WINCO: Plain and simple, we would be working on it for years and still never be able to offer all the drawings or the downloadable formats that CDS has provided. With our constant product additions and changes, it is great to have someone like CDS on board to take that burden off of our shoulders so we can concentrate on selling!

CDS: What marketing benefits have you realized by having your website readily accessible from within Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire?

J. W. WINCO: The solution addresses virtually any CAD system that a user might have. CDS’s partnership with PTC offers Pro/Engineer Wildfire users exclusive access to companies that offer free CAD downloads, via a built-in website. The result is nothing short of amazing. When an engineer wants to add a Leveling Mount or Machine Handle to their Pro/ENGINEER 3D CAD design they simply visit www.jwwinco.com to ‘drag and drop’ a CAD model into their design. With over 300,000 Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire users that helps us to sell a lot of parts.

CDS: What are your future plans?

J. W. WINCO: Our future plans consist of the addition of building a solid reputation in our industry for speed and simplification when it comes to the availability of 2D and 3D CAD standard machine part and assembly hardware drawings. Keeping our “Silent Salesperson” at the forefront of everything we do, will only help our customers build better machines with our quality parts, faster!

CDS: What is your overall satisfaction with the system, CDS and would you be willing to recommend CDS?

J. W. WINCO: I’m delighted that in our user survey over 96% of our customers expressed their satisfaction with the system, on average they save more than ¾ hour per model and on average nearly 50% of downloads result in at least one order. We also believe this has increased customer loyalty by building a symbiotic business relationship between us. With regard to CDS, we would definitely give them a ‘thumbs up’ recommendation to future clients interested in their CAD Solutions.