Want To Visualize Your Product Using Visual Configurators?

Serving a Variety of Industries

Improve your sale process, increase order accuracy, and streamline your sales process by leveraging visualization and augmented reality solutions. CDS Visual’s technology enables faster sales cycles and increases order accuracy, creating efficiencies in your sales process. Our visualization tools help your sales team personalize, visualize, and sell solutions across various industries.


The harder it is for your customers to configure robotics, system layouts or other automation equipment... the harder it is for your team to quote and sell them. CDS Visual powers faster sales cycles and increase order accuracy, creating efficiencies in your sales process.


Provide manufacturers, distributors, and dealers with visual product configuration to accurately build, quote and order configurable vehicles. CDS Visual powers faster sales cycles and increase order accuracy, creating efficiencies in your sales process.


With an evolving economy, saving valuable 3D design time offers a lifeline to chemical companies. CDS Visual’s visualization tools can help capture that impact more quickly, increasing order accuracy and creating efficiencies in your sales process.


Sales within electrical equipment manufacturing consists of selling not only components in an e-commerce style but also distribution selling or direct marketing of end to end engineered solutions. CDS Visual makes it easy for your customers and distributors to visualize and purchase electrical equipment and hardware. By embracing CDS Visual’s technology and selling strategies, you can bring efficiency and speed to your Technology/Electrical sales.


The Food and Beverage industry is facing rapid change due to the industrial revolution with emerging digitalization, where manufacturing models are changing through the use of smart technologies, such as robotics, AI, IoT, machine learning, and even augmented reality. CDS Visual enables innovative and more efficient processes lowering production costs, generating higher quality products in shorter time, edging out the competition.


CDS Visual offers visualization technologies specifically tailored for smart manufacturing applications. As Visualization is an important technology for understanding and analyzing large and complex data, empowering people with insights offering process innovation and efficiency improvements. Empower your sales team customize, visualize and sell capital equipment solutions across industries in new ways.


Construction, farm and other heavy equipment companies can automate the configure, price quote process with CDS Visual’s technology. Showcase various machinery such as lifts or excavators in 3D models or 2D drawings to see how each product and accessory moves, rotates, lifts, and pulls. Drive more customers to your website and empower them to design and order on their own time with CDS Visual.


CDS Visual helps manufacturers provide visualization solutions to their customers that design and specify products in to new engineering designs.


With falling commodity prices and profits, miners are focused on improving their productivity. Digital innovation can transform key aspects of mining to become operational at scale across the industry. Optimize product design for purchased components and aftermarket part selection CDS Visual’s solutions.

Oil & Energy

Processes and decisions within the oil and natural gas exploration, development and production generate large amounts of data. Leverage CDS Visuals Data Visualization & Analytics to interpret this data to drive more accurate decisions which will lead to safely finding new resources, increasing recovery rates and reducing environmental impacts.


Create new and engaging customer experience with CDS Visual’s CPQ Solutions tailored for Packaging and Production Lines. Invest in solutions that address customer needs, improve operational efficiency, increase order accuracy and streamline your sales process.


Enable customers to efficiently navigate through your portfolio with 3D or 2D visuals. Allow customers to configure custom products with CDS Visual’s configuration tools, promoting upsells and cross-sells. Increase efficiencies with real time product visualizations and see an immediate impact in increased sales and fulfillment.


Bring auto manufacturers, sales teams and dealers closer to the customer with CDS Visual. We can optimize your pricing, quoting, configuration and end to end sales process, increasing order accuracy and efficiencies.


CDS Visual is the expert in buying and selling solutions for HVAC, offering highly configurable HVAC systems through networks of dealer partners. Reduce errors with automated workflows and rules-based product configuration, improving dealer buying and selling experience while increasing margins and ROI.