How to Add a Parts Catalog to Your Website (and what NOT to do)

Here are the steps needed to add a Cloud based Digital Parts Catalog (and perhaps Configuration) with sophisticated Search and Integration capabilities to your website and what NOT to do:

1. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has the internet changed the product selection and buying process for my customers?
  • Is my current website ensuring my products are in contention during that process or am I missing opportunities?
  • Do customers and potential customers visit my website to learn more about our products?
  • Are they searching and finding products online sometimes without talking to a supplier?
  • Is ecommerce adding sales? Could it?
  • If and when they search for my competitors' parts, for which I supply an alternative, do they find my equivalent part too?
  • Does a page with details of my part show up in response to their search?
  • Do my competitors offer richer content than I do (for example, downloadable CAD models or CAD drawings of their products - the survey graph below shows where users search for these)? If so, is their richer content a competitive advantage over us?
  • Are my products configurable or custom? Should I offer online configuration? Do my competitors offer online configuration?
  • Do the majority of the reasons on the 'Increase Sales with a Digital Parts Catalog' page apply to me?

Where do designers look for CAD models?

If the majority of your answers are YES, an online Digital Parts Catalog could probably be a strategic sales driver for you - proceed to step 2. By the way, Catalog as a Service™ has worked very successfully for parts as simple as lugs and fasteners so don't think that your parts need to be complex to benefit from using a digital parts catalog.

2. To offer your products within an Online Digital Parts Catalog:

  • If you don't already have detailed data (content) on each of your parts, CDS's data specialists can source and organize your product data into a format that's ready to power your site with faceted search technology and features that improve the shopping experience and provide analytics to track, understand and anticipate buyer demand
  • Select catalog functionality that lets customers search deep into your product information to select the 'right' product
  • Optionally CDS can also build 'envelope' level detail 3D CAD models that users can download and include in their designs so that your products get 'designed in' ready for later purchase
  • Optionally CDS can also build configurators for your products

3. Contact CDS to discuss:

  • Catalog as a Service™ integrates seamlessly into your existing website and powers every aspect of search and category navigation. CDS handles the entire data organization and website integration for a completely seamless and hassle free implementation. It will match your sites current look and feel so it's as easy as possible for your staff and customers to use it.
  • Seamless integration with your Configurator which may or may not be the CDS Configurator™ product
  • Support for all major 3D CAD Systems including a large variety of native and neutral CAD file formats for your 3D parts and drawings
  • 3D model viewing in any web browser without having to install other software or plug-ins - includes spin, zoom, pan, full screen
  • Lead generation - capture user information - CAD Engineers gladly provide contact info in exchange for your CAD models
  • Real time Analytics reporting available 24*7 - Catalog activity notification & reporting
  • Available integration of leads with your CRM system, including SalesForce(R), Hubspot(R), SugarCRM(R), Microsoft Dynamics(R), Oracle(R), and more
  • Content Syndication to your partners (distributors, resellers, OEMs)

Now you know the process and questions to be addressed in order to add a Digital Parts Catalog to your website. Frequently asked questions are answered here or if you'd like to discuss your situation, request a demo today!