High Quality CAD Models

What is the quality of your CAD models?

Are they acceptable to your customers, Engineers and professional CAD Designers?

Do you have a process to ensure and maintain high quality?

Does your process account for changes to product geometry and tolerances?

Does your process also account for changes to your customers' CAD systems?

At CDS we use a generic CAD model production process created through many years of experience. We also tailor the generic process to the specific needs of each client and their products. Whether we start with your models or build new models from scratch our process ensures high quality models.

What Are The Benefits Of CAD Model Integration?

3D CAD Models are powerful assets that can help save your customers time in design and capture sales leads from the downloaded parts as ordering ID and related BOM are passed to the buyer. They prove highly relevant to the customer with the CAD Model included in their selected product design, increases productivity and enables customers to self serve by directly downloaded CAD models from your website.