Global Tooling Solutions Case Study

“The site launched last November and I can say that it paid for itself in new business within 3 months. This has yielded the fastest and best ROI of any marketing investment I have ever made!”
- Karl Ganshirt, President, GTS


Global Tooling Solutions (GTS) is the home of Gator Lathe Chucks and Talon Precision Tooling, two exceptional brands that provide the best value in machine tool accessories today. Gator offers one of the broadest manual lathe chuck lines available, including scroll and independent chucks with sizes ranging from 3” all the way up to 50”. Talon Rotary Tool Holders, Collets, Drill Chucks and CNC Bushings provide a comprehensive offering of tool holding solutions. GTS sells exclusively through distribution.


“Selling through distribution has proved very successful for GTS but we always want to connect with end users to encourage “specification” of Gator and Talon products before directing them through our distribution partners. To address the challenge of end user engagement we decided to invest heavily in our online presence to present our products to end users.When visitors find the product they need the site refers them to one or more local distributors. To test whether search engines were really an interim destination for our target customers we hired TopSpot, a full service search marketing firm (web design, hosting, and search engine marketing) focused on B2B industrial manufacturers. TopSpot’s paid search services increased our phone calls, form submissions and new business. However we also discovered a key problem - prospects frequently went to our website searching for specific part numbers and downloaded our entire PDF catalog. In one 3 month period in 2012 our website visitors had downloaded over 700 PDF Catalogs and done over 130 site searches for specific part numbers and product descriptions. Of course we were delighted that users were engaging with the site, however downloading then searching an entire PDF wasn’t the user experience we wanted to deliver.”


“We needed an online product catalog with excellent part search capabilities. We short-listed two suppliers with industrial product specific catalogs and selected CDS both for their excellent online CDS Catalog as a Service™ solution and its included faceted search but also because of their CAD Model Download and Configurator solutions that we can grow into in the future. Our solution was to leverage CDS’ unique capabilities to build an online catalog (with powerful, user-friendly text, parametric, graphical and faceted search, guided selling and SEO) in combination with TopSpot’s ability to build a terrific website and provide on-going search marketing services. We believed this solution would vastly improve the GTS website user experience through a searchable online catalog with improved content and calls to action. The user would have the ability to filter attributes to get to the part number of choice as opposed to skimming through an entire PDF catalog or, worse yet, a paper catalog.”


“Our decision to hire TopSpot and CDS to build our new website together resulted in a dramatically improved representation of Global Tooling Solutions’ offering. All our numbers are up – conversions (phone calls, RFQs, form submissions, etc.) and visitors by over 50%. The site launched last November and I can say that it paid for itself in new business within 3 months. This has yielded the fastest and best ROI of any marketing investment I have ever made!

In addition distributor and user feedback has been extremely positive, they say it’s easy to find what they need. Overall we’re delighted with the site that TopSpot built, the Catalog that CDS built and the ease of use of the parametric product search for our customers as well as the flexibility, adaptability and support we receive from our account manager Tom Halpin and both these companies that he represents.

I highly recommend CDS - everybody I’ve worked with at the company has been great and they have always come through on our requests.”