Enhanced 3D Experience

Seeing is Believing

Enhanced 3D Experience

From fasteners to CNC Machines, CDS Visual’s Enhanced 3D Experience is the most effective way to provide visual information to build buyer trust, improve brand confidence, & increase conversions.

When researching products online, customers want to virtually “touch” products.  An Enhanced 3D Experience allows customers to fully rotate & view products in high definition to see every detail.  Additionally, Enhanced 3D Experiences include interactive hot spots to provide customers with contextually relevant in-depth product information.

Industrial Manufacturers & Distributors that provide enhanced digital content experience higher conversion rates, fewer product returns, and greater customer satisfaction.  To generate return on their digital marketing spend and decrease product returns, these companies need to build trust with their customers. Especially for higher value, highly complex purchases such as industrial equipment.  Customers expect their suppliers to provide tangible marketing materials for an enhanced and customized online shopping experience. This helps to create a connection between the offline and online worlds.  CDS Visual bridges the offline and online worlds with state-of-the-art technologies including:

  • 360-degree product views with an accurate representation of lighting, shading and physical features
  • Photo-realistic images offering high definition product detail
  • Interactive 3D experiences showing how a product will look in a specific room or environment
  • 3D Product Configurations to show available customizations

Industrial companies that empower customers to personalize their products increase brand engagement and brand loyalty, increase conversions and average purchase value, all while reducing the rate of returns. As digital marketing becomes the new normal, marketers leveraging photorealistic images and interactive 3D experiences are paving the way for exciting new immersive eCommerce shopping experiences.



  • Rotation of products provides views from all angles
  • 3D animations illustrate product functionality, features and competitive differentiators
  • Engaging hotspots deliver additional information and provide valuable conversion information to marketing automation tools
  • Product animations include realistic materials, colors, textures and lighting add custom look and feel, to modernizing your ecommerce marketing
  • Delivers engaging & interactive 3D visual experiences on websites to drive customer knowledge and purchasing decisions
  • Products will look gorgeous and are perfectly optimized for every users’ device, mobile or desktop, Apple or Android
  • Online shoppers want the experience of browsing in a store, but the convenience of purchasing on the web
  • Enhanced 3D Experience with Product Image Photography offers the closest representation of an in-store browsing experience a customer can get from virtually anywhere
  • It's a better customer experience, keeping shoppers interactively engaged while showing them all the details and customizations they want to see



  • Fully interactive 3D for desktop and mobile websites
  • Hotspots to increase customer engagement
  • Ability to track hotspot clicks
  • 3D Animations show products in action