Visual Customer Experience

Visual Customer Experience Enhances CPQ and eCommerce Solutions

Visual Customer Experience improves the way B2B buyers build and purchase products online. The CDS solution brings our expertise in 3D computer-aided design modules and visualization capabilities and pairs it with our partner's leading CPQ product configuration and quoting capabilities. This will allow buyers to visually configure every aspect of their products in real time.

Previously, B2B sales processes for complex products were driven by the seller, and required advanced spreadsheets and manual checks to assemble quotes and proposals. CPQ Visualization brings product designs together to illustrate actual products in real time in an ecommerce setting, reducing the risk of configuration errors and simplifying product creation. By introducing and combining multiple CAD files, the new feature allows customers to adjust and re-configure each product. Once complete, engineers can approve projects before being sent through the pricing and quoting steps. By offering these capabilities all within several leading CPQ platforms, our clients are able to streamline and improve the buyer experience.

CPQ customers now have the ability to visualize the products they’re building within their CPQ platform. The integration of this technology provides a one of a kind, user-friendly CPQ experience, supporting the vision for the next wave of B2B ecommerce. Because users have a visual representation of the product they’re building they also have more control and accuracy in the configuration process.