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Before your industrial products can be purchased online they have to be found online. Once found they must be selected or configured before they can be 'designed in' or otherwise specified. Only then are they likely to be purchased. CDS 'Catalog as a Service™' and optional Configurators achieve this efficiently and economically.

  • Why are all these steps essential?

The industrial buying process has changed and to remain in contention industrial suppliers MUST adapt. Most of us now search online for what we need, usually long before talking to potential suppliers. Industrial designers, engineers and buyers do too, especially when searching for the components and parts they need for their new product designs. How easy it is to find and use your website is key to how often your products are found, selected and purchased.

  • How do industrial manufacturers or distributors achieve these steps?

The prerequisites for online marketing success via your website are GOOD Functionality and GOOD content - see graph below.


Transitioning to a website with good functionality and good content

For example, your website catalog must support and enable your SEO strategy and offer an excellent user experience similar to what users have become accustomed to, when searching and buying online. Whether you use paid search or just organic search, every product should have a product detail page in the search engine indexes. The user experience depends on the functionality and how easy it is to use. In contrast, POOR functionality and/or POOR content richness won't work. For example, read this GTS case study to see the increased sales by changing the user experience from downloading a PDF catalog to searching an online catalog.

CDS Online Product Catalog & Configurator Solution

CDS Catalogis the best industrial online product catalog solution available. It delivers all the above in a 'Catalog as a Service™' solution including web service integration with B2B eCommerce (Quotes, RFQs, Shopping Cart), 3D Configurators, CAD models downloads of parts (3D Catalog), guided selling, content syndication and eMarketing as explained here. CDS Catalog enables you to progressively meet all the above requirements and more over time to adapt to the new online buying process and increase your and your partners' sales - see the full process here. CDS Configurator™ is our online product configuration tool. It integrates with CDS Catalog to provide simple or sophisticated product configuration as needed. CDS ModelServer™ optionally adds integrated CAD Model generation that enables your products to be 'designed in' to new customer CAD designs

Key Tip: We find an automated page generating catalog like CDS Catalog is easily cost effective once you need more than 50 product pages. Below 50 pages it can be cheaper to build and maintain HTML pages manually, beyond 50 individual product pages (which may be 100 different sizes or variants of the same product because you want SEO on each size or variant) it becomes cheaper to use CDS Catalog to automate page creation from a product database.

Proof it works:

    • This CDS Blog post links to two CDS Catalog case studies that illustrate particularly rapid ROI. Other case studies are here.
    • Spend 3 minutes watching this compilation video of several industrial suppliers that use CDS Catalog and/or CAD ModelServer