2D / 3D CAD Model Solutions

Your customer's time is valuable! To save them time, CDS ModelServer allows them to quickly select the specific products to fit their design needs. The CDS ModelServer gives them the ability to retrieve CAD models of your products in a variety of CAD formats and the flexibility to manipulate the geometry to show different positions within their design.

  • Provides a large variety of Native and Neutral CAD formats
  • Options and accessories like switches, shocks, and other mountings can be drawn into the CAD model
  • Request CAD models in Open/Extend or Closed/Retract positions
  • Preview configured parts with selected options and accessories.
  • CAD models are generated instantly
  • Download CAD models directly from a web browser
  • 2D dimensioned drawings
  • 3D viewer works any web browser without having to install software or plug-ins
  • 3D viewer include spin, zoom, pan, full screen
  • Support for any complexity of part or assembly from standards based components to highly configurable products
  • Integrate CAD download leads with your CRM system, including SalesForce©, SugarCRM©, Microsoft Dynamics©, Oracle©, and more
  • Real time CAD activity notification & reporting