Ecommerce Product Configuration Solutions

The CDS Configurator can display price, lead time, availability and potential upsells and cross-sells. Dynamic generation of 3D product CAD models are available as you configure components and options, ensuring that your products are correctly configured.CDS Configurator capabilities include:

  • Constrain options based on product compatibility rules
  • Displays price, lead time and availability in real-time
  • Promote product upsells and cross-sells through recommended options
  • Create bills-of-material (BOM) and routings based on configurator choices
  • Support complex sizing calculations and engineered-option algorithms
  • Generate customer-friendly quotes & proposals based on configuration choices
  • Build drawings and 3D CAD models dynamically

By capturing engineering knowledge and using this to automate key business processes across your company, CDS Configurator clients have increased sales and win rates while reducing internal operating expenses and shortening lead times for custom products. The solution integrates seamlessly with existing ERP, PLM and CAD systems, helping custom product manufacturers respond to customer-specific orders more rapidly, accurately and efficiently.