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Try the technology for yourself:

  • Click on any of the CDS customer website images below to see their live CAD as a Service™ solutions
  • Review written case studies here - for example, the JW Winco one. The case studies present the problem the customers were setting out to solve, the process they went through in concluding on and adopting CAD as a Service™ and the business results they achieved
  • Watch some video case studies here

In the examples below note especially how the CDS ModelServer (CAD as a Service) is integrated into the look and feel of their websites and domains. Also into their overall online marketing solution though integration with CRM systems (to distribute sales leads) probably won't be obvious to you:

CDS Visual - CAD Model Samples CDS models online CAD modeling example

online CAD modeling AST CAD example 3D CAD Model

RTS Model GAM Model

The written case studies here and short video case studies here present the process many CDS customers went through in adopting CAD as a Service™ to implement CAD downloads of their parts and the business results they achieved.

Now you know how others are using CAD Model downloads. if you'd like to discuss your situation and see a demo click the button below: