3D CAD Catalog

The CDS cloud based 3D CAD Catalog solution includes an interactive 3D Viewer, Augmented Reality, 2D Sales Drawings, and CAD Model downloads in a variety native and neutral formats

Once your products are found online you need to ensure they are 'designed in' then purchased. CDS 'CAD as a Service™' achieves this efficiently and economically.

CDS ModelServer adds 3D CAD models of your parts to your website product catalog to automate selection and inclusion of your components into engineers' CAD designs, ready for later purchase:

  • Your Product CAD Models or CAD Drawings are presented on your Website, Catalog or Configurator
  • Engineers and Designers view your 3D parts using a free 3D Viewer then download and include them in their new CAD designs
  • They save time by downloading your CAD models instead of creating their own CAD modelsWhen a CAD model is downloaded, how often is the physical part purchased?
  • In return, your parts with their ordering ID are 'designed in' and ready for purchase whenever the design and related bill of materials (BOM) are passed to the Buyer
  • This CAD as a Service™ automation also means your own design engineers are not losing productivity while creating and sending individual 3D CAD files to your customers - your website automatically provides your customers with a 'web to CAD' design solution

Proof it works:

    • This case study and a 2014 Survey (graph above) report that almost 50% of CAD model downloads result in that part being purchased
    • Spend 3 minutes watching this compilation video of several industrial suppliers that use CDS CAD ModelServer

  • See these Top 10 Reasons to offer CAD 3D model and drawing downloads of your parts

Collect sales ready leads:

  • Capture sales leads for each CAD download
  • CAD downloads are also Trigger Events that alert you to potential new designs being started by customers and prospects
  • Astute sales teams' followup leads and alerts for more sales

All major 3D and 2D CAD systems are supported

CDS Modelserver seamlessly integrates into your and other websites

If you are researching Industrial marketing and CAD downloads in particular there are various resources below to help you. For example answers to many detailed questions are on the CAD FAQ page or if you don't find your question there, use the button below and we'll get back to you with an answer ASAP. Whenever you are ready to discuss your situation or see a demo click the button below: