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Has Google Abandoned the Industrial B2B space

By CDS Visual | August 13, 2014

Google has shut down its ‘Google Shopping for Suppliers’. This announcement outlines…

Industrial B2B eCommerce – How Online Catalogs CAD Can Drive SEO

By CDS Visual | June 10, 2014

“We don’t really go after customers online,” said Grainger Vice…

Industrial B2B eCommerce – Are You using this Advantage Yet

By CDS Visual | June 6, 2014

Most of us now search online for what we need. Industrial…

CDS CAD Download Survey 2014

By CDS Visual | May 29, 2014

CDS regularly surveys customers for feedback on its solutions and…

How Long Does an Industrial Online Catalog Take to Yield a Return

By CDS Visual | May 20, 2014

This is an important question for industrial suppliers looking to…

CAD Model Downloads – How Many do Designers Download

By CDS Visual | May 16, 2014

Question:‘How often do you typically search for and download ready…