Increase B2B Lead Generation for Industrial Suppliers with CAD Downloads

CAD Model downloads are one of the most effective B2B online marketing, demand generation and sales lead generation tools for industrial suppliers of components or engineered products. Here's why:

  • A common way to segment the manufacturing industry suppliers is into 3 groups. Those that make:
    • Components (springs, gears, bearings, etc)
    • Engineered parts (motors, gearboxes, etc)
    • Finished products (cars, fridges, etc).
  • For those in the first two groups, the buying process has changed. Their products are usually 'designed in' to new designs by engineers using CAD systems. Design engineers now search online for these parts. If they can easily find what they need and download it as a component or part CAD model they save time and are assured of accuracy in geometry and the Bill of Materials (BOM) info such as part number.

“We’ve seen an increase of at least 25% in online lead generation and an 80% increase in order automation as online orders automatically get put into our ERP system.” Shannon Winkler, Product Manager, ITT Compact Automation

  • These CAD models or CAD drawings are especially effective for industrial B2B lead generation because:
    • They have extremely high relevance and value for the customer - the customer has selected a product, included its CAD model in their design, saved time and increased productivity
    • Because of this relevance and value the customer will give you their email address - sales leads get collected (25% more in this case)
    • They also provide sales trigger events - you are alerted to a possible new design being initiated - astute and helpful sales followup at 'top of the funnel' can be timely!
    • They are measurable - you know who downloads what and when - and details are available to you 24*7 in CDS Modelserver online analytic reports
    • These leads can be routed directly to your CRM system or other lead allocation system for automated and immediate followup by your direct or indirect sales teams.
    • when downloaded CAD models of parts are purchased - how many units are ordered?

We changed our sales process to adapt to and effectively take advantage of the new buying process and our customers use of CAD. We now have a more efficient sales process in which time and number of contacts to close the sale are respectively shorter and less. CAD downloads are now a primary driver for our sales lead generation, providing tons of ‘sales ready’ leads on a daily basis for our sales team and distributors.” National Sales Manager, a US Manufacturer

  • CAD models augment your traditional and online lead generation.Where do designers look for CAD models? As well as providing Calls to Action (CTAs) in all your marketing, they can be syndicated to CAD search engines like and drive traffic back to your website. (see graph for where designers search for CAD models of parts they need)

    “3DModelSpace puts my CAD models at the fingertips of over 2 million CAD users every day, is already the 3rd highest contributor of traffic to our website and easily the highest contributor among ‘engineering’ sites” Brian Dengel, Product Manager aMsp and QTC

You've made a significant investment in your web site but if you aren't yet offering downloadable CAD models of your products your overall marketing may be under-performing its potential. Adding CAD model downloads is the #1 way to generate sales leads and turbo-charge your B2B lead generation strategy and marketing automation efforts. If you'd like to discuss your situation, request a demo today!