Aftermarket Spare parts

More ways to sell parts and reach customers

Aftermarket Spare Parts

CDS Visual offers secure, up-to-date spare parts program tailored to customer-specific system configurations and optimized to meet critical business requirements. We cover a selection of spare parts using 2D exploded view images and 3D interactive models. As an ad-on, plugin , or extension, we combine our spare part identification and selection technology with a CPQ or Commerce solution. This provides your customers with a library of OEM data so users can easily identifying the part they’re looking to replace, offering the ability for your customers to purchase products, parts and supplies at anytime, anywhere. CDS Visual provides you more ways to sell parts and reach your customers, in the end maximizing your aftermarket business.

  • Capture sales leads for each CAD download
  • CAD downloads are also Trigger Events that alert you to potential new designs being started by customers and prospects
  • Astute sales teams' followup leads and alerts for more sales
CDS Visual