Increase eCommerce Conversions - Add CDS Faceted Search to your eCommerce Solution

These are the 4 key steps to eCommerce success for industrial suppliers:

1. An excellent website including eCommerce capabilities - definitely can't do eCommerce without a shopping cart. Check?

2. Setting up an appropriate mix of Organic and PPC (pay per click) traffic to bring visitors to your website - so your website is being found by the right targets. Check?

3. Great onsite faceted search, parametric search, guided navigation and search by specification - so visitors easily, intuitively and quickly find the right product. Check?

Key Tip: If you checked off #1 and #2 but not #3 we have the answer for you. Improve your onsite search to what users have come to expect by adding CDS faceted search. Your website user search experience will be similar to Amazon's, McMaster-Carr's and Grainger's. Stop spending money on SEO and SEM to buy traffic that can't convert because they can't easily, intuitively and quickly find what they need.

When a CAD model is downloaded, how often is the physical part purchased?

“The site launched last November and I can say that it paid for itself in new business within 3 months. This has yielded the fastest and best ROI of any marketing investment I have ever made!” Karl Ganshirt, President, GTS

4. Obviously your search has to lead users right to the information they want. That may be a 'part detail page', a 'data sheet' for the part, 'Warranty details', 'pricing', 'availability', etc. Once that need is met, your goal is to get your product selected and spec'd into the user's design, ready for later purchase. There is even a type of industrial content to specifically help get your parts 'designed in' - view-able and downloadable CAD models for embedding in new CAD designs along with their part numbers. Downloading instead of drawing from scratch saves designers time and when their designs are approved for manufacture, the buyers will find your part numbers spec'd in and can use your e-Commerce system to purchase them. Check?

Key Tip: Even if CAD models aren't applicable to your product (for example TW Metals sells materials not products like bearings or fasteners) an online catalog with faceted search and parametric search works equally well - TW Metals features over 5,000 products on their catalog and the search enables users to quickly locate the right material for their needs.

Now you know why you probably need faceted search on your website - if you'd like to discuss your situation, request a demo today!