3D Configurator

Seeing is believing

3D Configurator

Our 3D product configurator lets your customers personalize a product to their exact specifications. 3D offers a bonus element in that it allows your customers to interact with your products online in real time. In other words, 3D configurators supercharge e-commerce through immersive visualization experiences.

60% of online buyers prefer to see products in 3D.

Create Customized Experiences

3D Configurators enable your customers to create dynamic product customizations. 

Increase Customer Engagement

Offer a 3D Product Configurator experience to your customers to increase engagement, capture leads, to drive sales.

Boost Conversions with AR

Combine your 3D Configurator with Augmented Reality to provide customers the ability to see the product in their space.


Deliver product experiences that customers want with CDS Visual - A picture may start the story, but interactive 3D lets customers determine your product’s shape, color, materials, and accessories.

CDS Visual
CDS Visual


When retailers let customers take control of their products, customers are more likely to engage. According to the latest market research by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. When your customers engage more, they have a better sense of quality. Because they've personalized it in the way they want, they also feel more ownership over their custom product–which means a higher likelihood of converting.

Seeing is Believing

While the convenience of eCommerce is undeniable, a recent Retail Dive report showed that customers still vastly prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over online retail.
There are two reasons why:

• The trust that's established when you can see and touch a product
• The ability to take products home immediately product

Because delivery times are constantly speeding up, there are few technologies that let customers actually touch and feel your product through the screen. Advanced 3D visualizations are here now. Customers can configure complex products in hundreds of combinations of colors, textures, parts, and other elements–and then see the results instantly. With their perfect product on screen, they can rotate, zoom in or out, and even take it apart and put it back together again. The presence of such a 3D configurator can be the deciding factor in converting an eCommerce customer.

CDS Visual
CDS Visual

The Future of On Demand Manufacturing

As manufacturers and retailers hunt for the next wow factor, 3D product configuration is gaining traction. Customers who are repeatedly wowed will keep returning for more of the same experience, and nothing wows more than the ability to fully customize a product and then immediately view it in stunning resolution. Brands must be able to let customers be in the driver's seat. By putting that power directly into the user's hands, brands offering 3D configuration can deliver the experience needed to attract and amaze customers. Once you know what the customer wants, you can quickly go to production And meet their demand. A 3D product configurator is an absolute must to allow the customer unparalleled freedom to bring their dream product to life.

CAD Automation

Close the loop between Engineering, Sales and Production Teams while eliminating bottlenecks. With CAD automation, you can configure products along with your customers and produce validated drawings and pricing instantly. CDS Visual accurately generates CAD drawings for the team ensuring that the rules of the manufacturing process are followed.
CAD Automation ensures you can

  • Connect your sales to the shop floor
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce errors

Help all of your teams by automating Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Creo 3D models and drawings. Use bottoms up, top-down, and nesting methodologies to generate fast CAD models and drawings for sales and manufacturing.

CDS Visual

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