3D CAD Model Search Engine

If you can find it quickly, the fastest way to model a part is to download it!

3DModelSpace is a CAD model search engine that connects Engineers & CAD Designers with Industrial Manufacturers and Distributors that offer free online 3D CAD models of their products. Once 3DModelSpace knows the links to 3D CAD models of your products, it enables them to be found and to be promoted with advertising.

Advertise Your Products on 3DModelSpace

3DModelSpace users are the decision makers who specify component products into new designs. They download then 'designed in' your products. But first they have to find and select them. Being on 3DModelSpace helps your parts get found, advertising makes them more likely to be selected. You'll be advertising to a targeted audience of Engineers and CAD Designer that's already searching for 3D CAD models of the products they need to design in.

  • 3DModelSpace is built into Creo (Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire) and is also featured on the Autodesk Manufacturing Community for Autodesk Inventor users
  • 3DModelSpace is a top Google search result for 'CAD Models'
  • 3DModelSpace Monthly Stats:
    • 1.6 million Pageviews
    • 344,000 Absolute Unique Visitors

3DModelSpace offers two advertising opportunities:

1. Featured Supplier Ad

  • Featured Supplier Ad includes unlimited clicks
  • Featured Supplier Ad is located on 3DModelSpace homepage
  • Each month there are 6 available Featured Supplier Ads
  • Each Featured Supplier Ad is on a 50% rotation
  • Featured Supplier Ad image is 275px × 150px

2. Keyword Advertising

  • When Engineers search on 3DModelSpace using one of your keywords, your products will appear in the search results.
  • 3DModelSpace supports both Keywords and Keywords Phrases
  • 3DModelSpace accounts for plurals i.e. a 'bearing' keyword would be found when a user searches for 'bearings'

3D Model Space