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Visual Configuration - The Best Benefits Of 3D Visual Configuration

Visual Configuration – The Best Benefits Of 3D Visual Configuration

Interactive 3D visualization is one of the best ways to answer one of the most pressing customer questions, “Will I get the exact product that I want?”

Customers consider various elements of a product when they are making their purchase decisions. This includes seeing the product, feeling it, and removing all doubt before deciding to complete the purchase. With online shopping, the tangible aspect of shopping isn’t possible, so customers are looking for the next best thing: a highly immersive shopping experience that allows them to not only view and inspect their product from all angles, but also enable them to customize the product as well as see accurate price estimates based their selected configurations. 

This is where 3D visual configuration comes in.

Increase Customer Confidence

3D visual configurations allow customers to see exactly what they will be buying down to the minute detail, offering active engagement while giving customers a sense of ownership.

For brands that offer limited product images or only static 2D visuals, 3D visualization brings engaging and immersive element to the buyer’s shopping journey, building buying confidence and reducing product returns. 

Reduce Errors

Since 3D configurations allow customers to update or customize the product themselves, the design team will not need to spend hours rendering new CAD drawings manually to fit the customer’s specification.

In addition, the manufacturing department will get accurate and highly detailed visuals of the product components which will help them understand exactly what the customer wants and expedite production without generating waste.

Save on Manufacturing Costs and Inventory Space

Thanks to 3D configurations, brands can make product updates and monitor customer behavior in real time. They only need to manufacture a product when an order has been generated, resulting in reduced manufacturing costs and conservation of inventory space.

Increase Sales Transactions and ROI

One of the biggest benefits of using 3D configurations is that it eliminates bottlenecks for your sales and engineering teams. Manufacturers no longer need to answer an unending number of calls or requests to alter a product to their custom specifications, as 3D visual configuration tools streamline these customizations. Additionally, 3D configuration solutions can work with all kinds of e-commerce stores or websites, increasing customer experience and reducing bounce rates.

This means your sales team will be able to handle more customers in less time and less returns with the implementation of 3D configuration tools.  

Bottom Line

As you can see, using 3D visual configurations offers a win-win situation to both the brand and its customers. Creating dynamic visualizations leads to an immersive buying journey for the customer, which can result in low risks of product returns and a higher probability for profit.

CDS Visual offers web-based 3D visualization solutions for both standard and highly configured products. With interactive 3D visualization, enjoy the benefits of higher customer satisfaction and greater opportunity to scale as your products evolve. Contact us today.

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