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3D Rendering of a Living Room

The Rise Of 3D – How To Improve Customer Experience and eCommerce Through Product Configuration, AR, and 3D

According to Statista, about 2.14 billion people are expected to buy goods and services online. However, online shopping also comes with various challenges, the biggest of which is the inability for a customer to hold and feel a product before placing an order. This may result in decreased customer confidence, which can cause dissonance when shopping online.

To overcome this issue, customers are starting to require a more immersive experience that can encourage them to make a purchase with more confidence. In 2021, 3D Visualization and Augmented Realitysolutions will become the driving force behind the design, manufacturing, and marketing strategies of many businesses in various industries, from fashion to large machinery.

Enhanced Visual Experience                  

Thanks to 3D configurators, consumers can now analyze a product they want from every single angle. With Augmented Reality technology, they can see how that product will look in their living spaces in real time.

This kind of in-depth experience builds customer confidence and removes the guesswork out of consumer buying decisions. This is even truer for big purchases, like machinery, including cars or refrigeration units.

Creates a Sense of Excitement

Using 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality creates a sense of novelty, excitement, and fun among customers. It is also entertaining customers while they are shopping by allowing them to configure and customize products in real-time, forging an emotional connection with the product or brand.     

3D configurators and Augmented Reality can also help consumers explore whether they want to change the trim on their sports car or add certain gemstones in their rings, in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Allows Businesses to Scale

Traditional photography is static, time-intensive, and expensive. If a company wants to showcase different product configurations or customizations, they would need to take multiple pictures of different versions of a single product. According to Visual SKUs, a service that offers still photography, the cost of a single photograph of a product can be anywhere between $20 and $60.

This can be cost-prohibitive for many companies. In contrast, 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality technologies do not require hiring a photographer to take hundreds of pictures of a products from multiple angles— in fact, a product does not need to be manufactured in order to be promoted it online.

Catches Issues Before Manufacturing

Since products are built virtually from 3D models with the help of actual design data, this process is very useful in discovering potential design issues.

Because businesses can display products on their eCommerce store before it is manufactured, this allows them to obtain insight and feedback into the features of a product that customers like or what needs to be improved so that they can make changes or enhancements before launching the final product.

Bottom Line

3D Visualization and Augmented Reality technology can be used by businesses to transform the customer experience. At CDS Visual, we can help deliver 3D Visualization and AR solutions to your business, engaging and converting customers through an immersive experience.

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