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How are Manufacturers Succeeding with Content Marketing

Manufacturing Content Marketing_Successes in the last 12 monthsImage Credit CMI

Manufacturing Content Marketing – A 2019 Update

Content marketing is the process of crafting and providing helpful content for different audiences across various stages of the buyer’s journey. Content examples range from whitepapers, to case studies, to blog posts, to 3D CAD models of manufactured parts or components. Now a new 2019 CMI study has revealed how, and how many, manufacturing industry customers are succeeding with content marketing. CMI research director, Lisa Murton Beets, summed up the report, “With regard to content marketing, manufacturers have arrived. No longer do we view them as late adopters. We saw a big increase this year in those who are approaching content marketing strategically.

CMI Manufacturing Content Marketing 2020 Report

This is excellent news. At CDS we’ve advocated for content marketing by industrial suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) for a long time (for example see many blog posts such as this one). When CMI first reported on manufacturing in 2014, they noted that manufacturers were later to adopt content marketing than other industries. Now, CMI reports considerable manufacturing industry success with content marketing, specifically:

  • Manufacturing industry marketers are becoming more strategic: 41% of those surveyed said their organization has a documented content marketing strategy versus 21% last year, indicating a stronger focus on being strategic with their content marketing approach.How manufacturing marketers rate their success
  • Manufacturing communications of complex content and accessing subject matter experts has improved. Last year 60% reported being challenged with communicating complex content, this year just 36%. Last year 50% reported being challenged accessing subject matter experts, this year 40%.
  • Manufacturing industry marketers, on average, create content for four different audiences. However only 40% always or frequently craft content for specific stages of the customer journey. This is obviously a next step improvement for manufacturing content marketers.
How manufacturing marketers rate their success
  • 64% of manufacturing marketers outsource at least one content marketing activity. Among those who outsource, 87% outsource content creation, which may help explain why their ability to communicate complex content has improved.
  • Several opportunities to distribute content are being under utilized. Most manufacturing marketers use social media platforms, their company website, blog, and email to distribute content. Fewer are taking advantage of speaking/events (43%), media/influencer relations (33%), or guest posts/articles in third-party publications (31%) so these may be another next step improvement for manufacturing content marketers.
Content Types Used By Manufacturers

2 Recommendations

1. Please review the CMI report for yourself to understand the current levels of content marketing adoption and success in manufacturing. You might like to use the data to benchmark your own company’s content marketing performance.

2. Before planning your 2020 and beyond content marketing, you might find CMI’s 7 Laws for Content Marketing Success useful.

Lastly, we can say that online content marketing for industrial suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) is what we, our software products and services enable. It’s our specialist expertise developed over more than a decade so we read new research avidly and are continuously thinking about the implication for ourselves and our customers. If you’d like our opinion on your particular content marketing situation please call or click either button below:



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