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Compliant Mechanisms – Why Machines that Bend can be Better

This post is the latest in our series on new technologies impacting industrial manufacturers and distributors. Earlier posts have included IIoT3D PrintingGenerative Design5GArtificial IntelligenceDigital Marketing with CADBlockchainDigital Twins and now this one is on compliant mechanisms with credit to Veritasium/Bryan Baker for making this excellent video with Professor Larry Howell (author of the book, “Compliant Mechanisms”).

The examples in the video are amazing but once you start looking there are examples of compliant mechanisms all around us. From the injection molded shampoo bottle hinge, to the flexures in your mouse buttons, to the cable tie locking mechanism, to plastic fasteners that clip in to lock, to the volume rocker in your cell phone, etc. We could go on but the point is whether your company’s current or future products, if they don’t already, could benefit from ‘flexures’?

As the video points out compliant mechanisms can have a number of advantages:

  • Lower Part Count
  • Cheaper product processes
  • Lower Price
  • Precise Motion
  • Better Performance
  • Portable – even to microscopic scales
  • Predictable

You’ll see a very healthy discussion on YouTube under the video but, as always, if you have comments or suggestions for CDS please make them below, click to ask us a question or call for a discussion. In the meantime we’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on eCommerce and new technologies impacting industrial suppliers



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