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Great Customer Experience CX is Critical to Success

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Customer Experience (CX) is Now Mainstream!

Regular readers of this blog know that we try to bring you new applicable information from other industries and share our take on it for industrial suppliers. In this case some excellent new research on ‘Customer Experience’ (CX) has just been published by

In their fifth annual CX industry survey they asked 3,900 professionals across a wide variety of industries how their organizations are managing customer experience and conducting CX research. In prior years, their survey showed that great CX was an aspiration with only a handful of companies and industries who were leading that charge and only as few as one in five companies were delivering great CX. This year’s survey report, titled ‘CX Goes Mainstream’ shows CX is now front and center for most companies as both critical for success (95.7%) and for competitive advantage (90%).

Please review the full report for detailed insights to help up your CX game but here’s our take; two research findings particularly stood out for us:

1. Are Some Company Executives Overconfident About CX?

Overall, company executives have the rosiest view on the CX their companies deliver. More than a third strongly agree they have a very good customer experience, the rest of the organizations much less! Executives rating on this measure are even higher than that of their CX management (if they have one) and twice or more the other parts of their companies. We wonder if executives may be overconfident in how good their CX really is?Institute of Supply Management PMI March 2018

2. Is CX Ownership and Responsibility Clear in Your Company?

As with most new capabilities there is often confusion on ownership and responsibility. CX is no exception, for example:Institute of Supply Management PMI March 2018

  • 6.01% of the people in organizations surveyed think ‘marketing’ is responsible for CX. However only 21% of marketing staff think their dept. is responsible.
  • 4.76% of the people in organizations surveyed think ‘executives’ are responsible for CX. However 23% of executives think they are responsible.
  • 11.81% of the people in organizations surveyed think the ‘product dept.’ is responsible for CX. However 36% of product staff think their dept. is responsible.

Clearly there is confusion in many companies. Our take is that the 36.63% who think ‘Everyone owns it’ are right and that needs to be ingrained into the company culture as UserTesting themselves suggest.


  • We recommend industrial suppliers check what their customers think of the CX they receive and share the reality of the results across the organization to ensure there’s no overconfidence or complacency.
  • We also recommend checking what your organization thinks about ownership and responsibility for CX then, if necessary, clearly set (or reset) their CX ownership and responsibility expectations.

At CDS we continue to monitor and improve the CX of our industrial B2B SaaS products – Catalog, Configurator, CAD ModelServer and their integration to various website, CRM, and ERP systems. If you have any suggestions for new CX improvements we could make please let us know. As always, please share your comments below or, if you’d like our opinion on your B2B eCommerce plans please call us or click either button below:



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