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BSMART Upgrading Manufacturing SEO Content Marketing

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and ever-changing – this post is the second in a series of posts to update you on developments in different areas of digital marketing (the first on 3D CAD is here).

Why Upgrade your Search Engine Optimization?

Google now serves 175 billion searches a month and 15% each day continue to be new! In manufacturing, new TopSpot research (chart below) shows what searchers are looking for:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or simply ‘Search’, as it is sometimes known, continues to grow, improve and develop. Companies need to stay up to date with new developments but, other than that, the two primary reasons for expending resources on SEO remain the same:

  • Get Found – Search is essential to make your website and content discoverable. 75% of purchase journeys are completed before researchers are ready to talk to brands or companies. Showing up as they research gets your brand visible and in contention to be chosen. Showing up in search results alongside competitors creates awareness and reminders of your brand, gives you a shot at your competitors’ customers and at new prospects not committed to any brand. If you search on your keywords now, do you like the results you see? How does your position in the results compare to your competitors? By the way, only 4% of researchers look at the third page or lower search results so position on page 1 or 2 is very important!
  • Be Useful – 89% use the internet for B2B research and 71% start with digital search! You need to know, and then provide, content that meets these B2B researchers’ needs or education regarding your categories, products or services. Try it yourself, if you search on your keywords now, do you like the results you see in comparison to your competitors? Are your results more or less useful than theirs? If you were in the researcher’s shoes which would you click on? Perhaps the more useful one? There are many ways to be more useful within your content or even before they reach your content, for instance, in the example on the right, by tagging price and availability on the webpage, Google then included product pricing and availability in the search results!Example of Google Search results showing tagged content

How to Upgrade your SEO?

Many articles on 2017 trends and recommendations for SEO have been published, for example, Website Magazine’s Search in 2017: 5 Things We Already Know to Be True, Clutch’s The Complete Guide to Content Marketing for SEO and Search Engine Journal’s SEO Trends 2017: 44 Experts on the Future of SEO. But specifically for industrial suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) we’d like to share a new SEO approach, The B-SMART Method® developed by TopSpot Internet Marketing.

Whether you’re an industrial manufacturer, distributor or service provider, there is a strategy that is unique to you. TopSpot’s B-SMART Method® helps devise an effective and efficient SEO strategy for your existing and new markets. Using this method forces you to think through a variety of ways researchers may search and during which you’d like to be found! They might search by brand name, company name or product name, by specific sizes, product codes or SKUs, by the specific material they are looking for, by application or industry, by specific supplier requirements/certifications or by product or service type. Thinking through each of these helps you hone in and target the right audience for your business, the audience that is looking for your product or service in any number of ways, is serious about doing business with you and likely to convert. Once this broad approach is implemented your search analytics will tell you:Example of Google Search results showing tagged content

  • How they search – which keywords and via desktop, laptop, ipad, Android or iPhone
  • How they find you – Organic results, PPC, social, email, video
  • How are they influenced – convenience (configurators? Faceted catalog search?), user experience, mobile friendly
  • How is their experience – response time (40% abandon a site that takes >3 seconds to load), customer experience
  • How to improve – traffic trends, internal search, call tracking, ROI, conversion improvement

Let’s Look at Two Examples of Industrial Companies Who Work with TopSpot and CDS


DESTACO is the industry’s leading global supplier of high-performance automation, workholding and containment solutions. Using The B-SMART Method® TopSpot helped DESTACO vastly expand the number of keywords in their content and PPC ads by discovering and including other keywords people search for (such as the examples below) that should find DESTACO and their products. The result is that DESTACO now appears in more relevant search results!DESTACO logo

  • SHAPE – “601RDM12H24-330”, “9500 SERIES SWING CLAMP”, etc.

By showing up on Google for all these and many more keywords DESTACO gets the right traffic and researchers are likely to have found the match they need! What’s more, as the image on the right shows DESTACO now shows up in Google search suggestions even before the company name is searched.Example of Google Search results showing DESTACO suggestions

Even more significantly as you can see on the left, DESTACO is showing up in the Google Quick Answers Box.DESTACO lGoogle Search

Without this box, DESTACO would be ranked below Wikipedia, but with it (thanks to their useful content) they are ranking in the prime real estate of Google Search! The point is that the more useful your content the more prominent Google may make that content in their search results! Note too, that DESTACO also have useful site links shown in their organic results.

The image on the right shows the first three organic listings for one DESTACO keyword phrase. And by the way, the first image shown in the Google image results is from the DESTACO site as well.DESTACO lGoogle Search

From the example we hope it’s now obvious how TopSpot’s B-SMART® helps Industrial suppliers expand their keywords to improve their SEO, PPC and Content Marketing in order to obtain similar results. Please also note this very important point – DESTACO’s PPC cost per click for their keyword phrases tends to be very low because there is little competition searching for such specific terminology.

2. RTS Cutting Tools

RTS Cutting Tools, Inc. is a market leader in providing special custom cutting tools to hydraulics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and manufacturing companies. RTS and TopSpot used The B-SMART Method® to vastly expand the RTS keywords and refine their SEO, PPC and content marketing. A few of these keyword phrases are listed below to illustrate how B-SMART® works. Some of the “Material” ones show the combination with other B-SMART® modifiers, for example, see “3 wing” which is a “Size” modifier, “for drafting” which is an “Application” qualifier and “cnc” which is a “Type” qualifier. Under “Application” an organic search result is shown and under “Requirements” an example of how B-SMART® can be utilized within PPC ad-text. RTS B-SMART EXAMPLERTS B-SMART EXAMPLERTS logo

Three Conclusions for Industrial Suppliers

We hope The B-SMART Method® explanation above and examples of its application to upgrade DESTACO and RTS Cutting Tools SEO, PPC and Content Marketing are clear. Here are our conclusions:

1. Apply The B-SMART Method® to review and expand the keywords you target to improve your SEO and/or PPC results, make your search results as useful as possible and save money on PPC.

2. Also use your B-SMART® results to improve performance in other aspects of your marketing. Apply your new keywords across all your content to effectively update and upgrade your digital marketing (website, catalog, configurators, product detail pages, CAD models, etc.). The search articles linked to above stressed that SEO and Content are interwined, as Moz Founder, Rand Fishkin put it, “As far as SEO goes, without content there are no rankings and there is no opportunity to appear in results,[Content marketing and SEO] are two practices that very much need each other.

3. When you increase sales lead generation be sure your sales follow through is fast and excellent. TopSpot research also shows that 86% of surveyed customers expect a same day response when contacting a potential supplier.

If you want help upgrading your SEO give TopSpot or us a call to discuss applying B-SMART® or click either button below.



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