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How To Add 2D and 3D CAD To Your Product Configurator

  • Does your website includes online Configurators so customers can build exactly configured versions of the products that they need?
  • Does the Configurator include photo-realistic viewing and download of a 3D CAD model or 2D CAD drawings for your customers to include in their CAD designs?
  • Driven by this scenario at several customers CDS has created an Application Programming Interface (API) to its CAD ModelServer to enable these CAD capabilities to be added as web services to any online configurator. The API can be used by CDS and 3rd Parties – examples of each are given below:

Example of CAD added to a 3rd party built Configurator – Dorner Conveyors

Dorner designs, manufactures and integrates conveyor systems and developed their own configurators and integrated them with CDS ModelServer to add 3D CAD capabilities. Mike Hosch, Director of Product Development, Dorner Manufacturing said, “Our new Configurator is an intuitive 2D and 3D CAD platform that allows users to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions. The CAD tool is an industry first providing the download of a single CAD model of the complete assembled conveyor, dramatically saving the time spent matching up individual files. The Configurator is engineered with tool guides and uses conveyor logic to only place applicable matching conveyor components together; if a system can’t be designed and built for actual use, the Configurator will not design it. This intuitive feature saves user’s time by alerting them of an erroneous design, allowing them to make the necessary adjustments before proceeding. When the design is complete, customers receive part numbers and detailed descriptions of all the components in the build, information to receive a quote, along with the CAD and 3D PDF files.”

The Dorner Configurators are available by clicking on the image or here – please try them, including the CAD capability, yourself but note that free registration is required for access.
Rexnord Configurator incorporating CDS ModelServer 3D CAD

Examples of CAD added to CDS built Configurators – Rexnord and Compact Automation

Rexnord has CDS Visual developed configurators for a number of their products and the CDS ModelServer CAD solution has been added to them using the API.

The Rexnord Configurators are available on their website – click on the image or go here.

ITT Compact Automation is a market leading manufacturer of space efficient custom automation solutions such as pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and linear actuators along with standard pneumatic automation components. Shannon Winkler, Product Manager, said, “We’ve seen an increase of at least 25% in online lead generation and an 80% increase in order automation as online orders automatically get put into our ERP system. We have also seen about an 80% reduction in processing time for orders containing items requiring prices to be updated in the ERP system. Adoption by our distributors is about 20% so far but those using the configurators love them and are asking us to speed up development of configurators on our other product lines. It’s now easy for our customers to find, select or configure the right product on our website and download the CAD model to specify it into their designs. The CDS solution provides an excellent user experience for our customers and our internal team – it has greatly helped to streamline our ordering process.”Compact Automation suite of Configurators

The ITT Compact Automation Configurators are available by clicking on the image or here.

By offering CDS ModelServer and CDS Configurator products separately or combined we can provide either a complete configurator and CAD solution or provide just the add-on 3D and/or 2D CAD capability. The goal is to be as flexible as possible and adapt to provide whatever the customer needs today or in the future.

As always, please let us know what you think by commenting below, or if you’d like to know more about or see the technology in action click one of the buttons below.



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