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Is your B2B industrial online marketing ready for 2015

For US Manufacturing, 2014 has Gone Pretty WellNovember 2014, Manufacturing PMI

The November 2014 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business® says, “Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in November for the 18th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 66th consecutive month… Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 14 are reporting growth in November.”

For 2015, the Promise is Even Better

The December 2014 Kiplinger Economic Outlook predicts, “After slowing in the fourth quarter of this year, economic growth will pick back up again in 2015…continued job growth and consumers who feel more secure may trigger more-robust income and spending increases, pushing growth over the 3% mark — if not in 2015, then in 2016”. In talking about Business Spending the report says, “A gradual pickup in the pace of U.S. economic activity next year will spur stronger investment” and “The main impetus for more capital spending comes from the manufacturing sector.

Is your B2B Industrial Online Marketing Ready?

In particular, have your sales and marketing processes and people adapted to the new buying process? As Adrian Vine, Global Manager, Marketing & E-Commerce, Associated Spring Raymond recently put it, “The industrial buying process has changed. Industrial designers and buyers, like the rest of us, now search online for what they need. We needed to first ensure that our products get found both by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then by faceted search on our website. Second, we needed our products to be selected and specified or designed in before the third, purchase of the product, is likely.”

So back to the title question – Are your online sales and marketing prepared for the promise of 2015?

If not, let’s discuss your needs then we’ll demo what we recommend…


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